Welcome to UCGO Icarus Server wiki   イカロス  サーバー ウィキ

  •  UCGO Icarus Server Wiki was reproduced MMORPG GUNDAM ONLINE (UCGO) 
     It is the information and capture wiki emulated server.
  • UCGOイカルスサーバーウィキは、MMORPG GUNDAM ONLINEを再現した(UCGO)

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News & Updates    新着情報

 29/04/2014  Server Downtime and Beta Progress 
An Actual Beta Update
 01/04/2014  Coming Soon
 23/02/2014  NPC Combat Evolved - Server/Client Update
 10/02/2014  AI Conspiracy 2014 - Server/Client Bugfix/Update
 04/02/2014  NPCs Have Arrived! - Server/Game Client Update
 12/12/2013  Bugfix Update - ATI Graphics Card Fix!
 10/12/2013  Development Update - Alpha Server Update #1
 01/12/2013  Development Update - Open Alpha BEGINS NOW!
 12/11/2013  Combat Update
 28/10/2013  Combat Update
 21/10/2013  3D Modeling Update
 11/10/2013  Combat Update And More!
 17/09/2013  We can has dedicated?  WE DO HAS!
 10/09/2013  Server Update
 04/09/2013  News Update Model Progress
 30/08/2013  Project Icarus News Update - ROADMAP
 28/08/2013  Project Icarus News Update
 03/08/2013  Looking for versions of UCGO we don't currently have

Please refer to the official news, Irregular hours there will be a large update.
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