New Repair Tools 新しい修復ツール


New Tools 新しいツール

As you can see clearly here - Emergency Repair Tools and Mechanical Repair Tools have been completely revamped!  They now come in three flavors:
ここではっきりと見ることができるように - 修復ツールと機械修復ツールは、完全に刷新されました!これらは今、3種類があります:


  • First, the "Basic" kind.  These work pretty much exactly how the old Tools did.  Their stats aren't quite the same, but the "Basic" Tools should be considered akin approximately to Level 2.5 Tools, while "Basic Beginner" is approximately Level 1.5.

    • これらは以前の修復ツールとほぼ同一です。全く同一と言うわけではありませんが、以前でいうERのLv1.5~2.5の間程度と考えて下さい。


  • Second, the "Frame" kind.  These Tools are weaker than the "Basic" variants. but heal all of a Machine's Limbs (or equivalents) for a much higher amount.  These are good for players who don't mind healing less overall HP to ensure their stats stay moderately topped.

    • これらのツールは、「基本」修復ツールよりも機体全体の修復力は弱いです。しかし、マシンの手足(MS以外の場合は類似する部分)の修復能力は優れています。この修復ツールは機体全体の耐久力を維持することより、適度に機体を維持したいパイロットにむいています。


  • Finally, the "Local" kind.  These come in four types: Type-A, Type-B, Type-C, and Type-D, similar to how Engines come in Letter Grades.  These Tools are special in that they heal the lowest base amount, but heal a significant amount to one or two specific 'Limbs', and can make a great 'secondary' Tool if there's something you just really don't want getting damaged.  Type-A heals the Head, Type-B heals the Core, Type-C heals the Right Arm and Left Arm, and Type-D heals the Right Leg and Left Leg.  (Or equivalents, for Machines without explicit Limbs.)

    • これにはタイプA、タイプB、タイプC、およびタイプDがあり、エンジン同様の構成となっています。これらのツールは機体全体の修理レベルとしては最低ですが、四肢のいくつかの部分を修復する能力に特化されています。もし、機体にダメージを負いたくないなら、このツールはまさに第2のものとなります。タイプAは頭部、タイプBはコア、タイプCは左右の腕部、タイプDは左右脚部をそれぞれ修復します。 (四肢のないマシンは全て同等の効果)

This change is intended to give players much more to think about when loading out their machine - while some choices are generally "okay" for every situation, knowing when to make an unorthodox decision in the planning stages can be the difference between victory and defeat!  Note that the Mechanical Repair Tools can be crafted - meaning you can now get EX variations, and that the Emergency Repair Tools all come in "Super" variations, which are exclusive to NPC drops.  Currently, all of our NPCs can drop these, so there's even more incentive to go out busting heads, if you didn't have enough already!



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