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EFSF City 地球連邦都市

  • Sydney(S:33 E:151)
    The largest city in Australia. There are many facilities in large urban areas.
  • Canberra(S:35 E:149)
    Vast city with a center of two. There is also a small mine close to.
  • Southerncross(S:31 E:119)
    Beautiful city with a gentle slope. Nearby, large-scale mining is suitable for production.
  • Perth(S:31 E:115)
    Western edge of town Australia. Spaceport has an annex.

Zeon City ジオン公国都市

  • Melbourne(S:37 E:144)
    There is a facility with many buildings, it is the second largest city in Australia.
  • Adelaide(S:34 E:138)
    City of art and commerce. There is also a small mine close to.
  • Brisbane(S:27 E:153)
    Commercial centers with many stores. Nearby, large-scale mining is suitable for production.
  • Darwin(S:12 E:130)
    The northern end of town Australia. Spaceport has an annex.


City Camp, Supply Team & Others 各都市テント・補給部隊・その他

  • Sydney

    Sydney (S:33.5686 E:151.1120)
    Sydney Assault camp South EFSF (S:33.6016 E:151.1178)
    Sydney Assault camp West EFSF (S:33.5598 E:151.0677)
    Sydney Supply Camp 10 (S:33.4932 E:150.7005)
    Sydney Laser Tower Camp 10 (S:33.5042 E:150.2708)
    Sydney Supply Camp 11 (S:33.6603 E:151.5322)
    Sydney Laser Tower Camp 11 (S:33.4583 E:151.8333)
    Sydney Supply Camp 12 (S:33.9583 E:151.1250)
    Sydney Laser Tower Camp 12 (S:34.1667 E:150.6250)

    Sydney Assault camp North Zeon (S:33.4189 E:151.1179)
    Sydney Assault camp South Zeon (S:33.7104 E:151.1175)
    Sydney Assault camp West Zeon (S:33.5597 E:150.9675)

  • Canberra

    Canberra (S:35.2192 E:149.0972)
    Canberra Mine (S:35.0389 E:148.9126)
    Canberra Supply Camp 07 (S:34.9912 E:149.5147)
    Canberra Laser Tower Camp 07 (S:34.9583 E:149.5375)
    Canberra Supply Camp 08 (S:35.3245 E:148.6787)
    Canberra Laser Tower Camp 08 (S:35.2667 E:148.3417)
    Canberra Supply Camp 09 (S:34.7708 E:149.0417)
    Canberra Laser Tower Camp 09 (S:34.4583 E:149.1667)

    Canberra Raid Camp North (S:35.0723 E:149.0855)
    Canberra Raid Camp South (S:35.3544 E:149.1045)

  • Southern Cross

    Southern Cross (S:31.2657 E:119.3477)
    Southern Cross Mine (S:31.0148 E:119.5397)
    Southern Cross Supply Camp 04 (S:31.6737 E:119.5218)
    Southern Cross Laser Tower Camp 04 (S:32.0823 E:119.6042)
    Southern Cross Supply Camp 05 (S:31.0883 E:118.9380)
    Southern Cross Laser Tower Camp 05 (S:30.7083 E:119.0208)
    Southern Cross Supply Camp 06 (S:31.2500 E:119.7708)
    Southern Cross Laser Tower Camp 06 (S:31.2917 E:120.2083)

    Southern Raid Camp Cross South (S:31.4061 E:119.3843)
    Southern Raid Camp Cross West (S:31.2064 E:119.2259)

  • Perth

    Perth (S:31.5567 E:115.5719)
    Perth Spaceport (S:31.5941 E:115.5362)
    Perth Supply Camp 01 (S:31.9590 E:115.6045)
    Perth Laser Tower Camp 01 (S:32.5000 E:115.6875)
    Perth Supply Camp 02 (S:31.1384 E:115.6479)
    Perth Laser Tower Camp 02 (S:30.6000 E:115.5625)
    Perth Supply Camp 03 (S:31.5051 E:115.9375)
    Perth Laser Tower Camp 03 (S:31 6250 E:116.3542)

    Perth Raid Camp East (S:31.5598 E:115.6713)
    Perth Raid Camp South East (S:31.6672 E:115.6278)

  • Melbourne

    Melborne (S:37.4922 E:144.5898)
    Melborne Supply Camp 10 (S:37.0862 E:144.8808)
    Melborne Laser Tower Camp 10 (S:36.7708 E:145.1979)
    Melborne Supply Camp 11 (S:37.7519 E:144.1761)
    Melborne Laser Tower Camp 11 (S:38.0208 E:143.7604)
    Melborne Supply Camp 12 (S:36.7708 E:144.2875)
    Melborne Laser Tower Camp 12 (S:36.4583 E:143.9583)

    Melborne Assault camp North Zeon (S:37.4642 E:144.5946)
    Melborne Assault camp East Zeon (S:37.4885 E:144.6290)

    Melborne Assault camp North EFSF (S:37.3485 E:144.5947)
    Melborne Assault camp East EFSF (S:37.4876 E:144.7207)
    Melborne Assault camp West EFSF (S:37.4900 E:144.4771)

  • Adelaide

    Adelaide (S:34.5639 E:138.3108)
    Adelaide Mine (S:34.3467 E:138.5267)
    Adelaide Supply Camp 07 (S:34.9712 E:138.4745)
    Adelaide Laser Tower Camp 07 (S:35.5208 E:138.2917)
    Adelaide Supply Camp 08 (S:34.1413 E137.8928)
    Adelaide Laser Tower Camp 08 (S:33.7292 E137.4792)
    Adelaide Supply Camp 09 (S:34.2708 E:138.7292)
    Adelaide Laser Tower Camp 09 (S:34.0000 E:139.1875)

    Adeiaide Raid Camp North (S:34.4289 E:138.3012)
    Adeiaide Raid Camp East (S:34.5552 E:138.4312)

  • Brisbane

    Brisbane (S:27.2701 E:153.0154)
    Brisbane Mine (S:27.4137 E:152.7673)
    Brisbane Supply Camp 04 (S:26.8465 E:152.7251)
    Brisbane Laser Tower Camp 04 (S:26.4312 E:153.3479
    Brisbane Supply Camp 05 (S:27.5167 E:153.4309)
    Brisbane Laser Tower Camp 05 (S:27.9583 E:153.3896)
    Brisbane Supply Camp 06 (S:27.2021 E:152.5771)
    Brisbane Laser Tower Camp 06 (S:27.4250 E:152.3292)

    Brisbane Raid Camp North (S:27.1286 E:153.0143)
    Brisbane Raid Camp West (S:27.2614 E:152.8824)

  • Darwin

    Darwin (S:12.2539 E:130.4979)
    Darwin Spaceport (S:12.1989 E:130.4887)
    Darwin Supply Camp 01 (S:11.9983 E:130.0723)
    Darwin Laser Tower Camp 01 (S:11.8750 E:130.4167)
    Darwin Supply Camp 02 (S:12.6693 E:130.8798)
    Darwin Laser Tower Camp 02 (S:12.5625 E:131.2833)
    Darwin Supply Camp 03 (S:12.5000 E:130.3333)
    Darwin Laser Tower Camp 03 S 12.9167 E 130.4167

    Darwin Raid Camp East (S:12.2489 E:130.6414)
    Darwin Raid Camp South East (S:12.3317 E:130.6368)
    Darwin Raid Camp South (S:12.3579 E:130.4952)

  • Richmond
    Richmond (S:20.1383 E:143.6114)

    Richmond Assault Camp EFSF (S:20.1750 E:143.6500) 

    Richmond Assault Camp Zeon (S:20.0917 E:143.5667) 

  • Newman
    Newman (S:23.4704 E:118.6121)

    Newman Assault Camp EFSF (S:23.5084 E:118.5672) 

    Newman Assault Camp Zeon (S:23.4253 E:118.6505) 

  • Alice Spring

    Alice Spring EFSF (S:23.7890 E:133.9330) 

    Alice Spring Zeon (S:23.7923 E:133.8888)
  • Ayers Rock

    Ayer Rock EFSF (S:25.3817 E:131.0392) 

    Ayer Rock Zeon (S:25.2933 E:131.0958)
  • Orbost

    Orbost EFSF (S:37.4970 E:148.3430)
    Orbost Zeon (S:37.4952 E:148.2854)
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