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now the whole giant Jianmen Bodystockings UK on Tang wind, just like their own home is not much difference. Giant Jianmen drugstore too, from pharmacies to find the corresponding tools, Tang Feng in the kitchen doorway busy.Of this, only cangjing ge of the Scriptures is random, the majority of these scriptures are scattered. The Scriptures or some less ah. Huo Yuanzhen is going to go to India to go to. Tianzhu Brahmin theocratic revival, the destruction of Buddhist roots, Buddhists Bodystockings UK do Holly King now, but nothing to revive Buddhism scriptures, hope almost become the bubble. "This Everfount scriptures, remained in the Shaolin words, it is not able to carry forward the Confucian classics, it must be transmitted to the world, to make it real value. And India this Buddhist place of origin, is the best place to pass through. Just some scriptures, past is useless ah, an utterly inadequate measure, not very useful, after all, Tianzhu country is not small, has a large population. Bodystockings UK To see the abbot looked at the book, seems to be some disappointment, a lamp is to ask the reason. Looked at the lamp, Huo Yuanzhen thought the matter

with him it doesn't matter what you think of yourself by India, the desire to say it out. A hearing, suddenly laughed: "the Abbot's brother, you are smart as a rule, confused at that time, you go to India Chuan, difficult to walk with the Confucian classics can not go?" Huo Yuanzhen wanted to think: "this is not to get me, Tianzhu to Shaolin canon, to show good faith, we must let them personally to the people, come to me from Tianzhu Tang, I can come to my Shaolin Temple, the Sutra preached to Bodystockings UK them, or if I send them directly, lest would think I is a liar." "If that is so, the Abbot's brother also worry about what the teacher younger brother, although has not been to India, but also know the distance I Tang numerous hills and streams, walking, not one or two years if it is not to." Huo Yuanzhen nodded: "yes, Tianzhu distance I Tang tens of thousands of miles away, but the distance or distance in a straight line, if go up, travel over land and water, if it is to be more than one hundred thousand." Bodystockings UK "So that, more than one hundred thousand miles, but who can guarantee that what things up period, they come from more than a year, I'm afraid is fast, and we Shaolin every day a new book, a year later, we at least have more than 300 the scriptures can teach it, if two years before he came to Shaolin, then we will have seven hundred or eight hundred book, if they have three years to come, we gave them one thousand this isn't a problem, all the Abbot's brother should not see now how many books, Bodystockings UK but should see a few years later we will have how many scriptures." Listen to the whole words, Huo Yuanzhen see light suddenly. How you are suddenly becomes stupid, really is smart as a rule, confused at that time. What with numbers now Scripture,

is this not any use, oneself also not Pidianpidian to India to the Sutra, wait for them to take, is serious. Man is not so, you are more active, the more they will cherish, only hard work, can regard as the treasure. You need to do, is to go to India, to find the Sutra personally. And this from people not much, can't let they sent an army to come over, so learn there is no taste. But this after what to take, how to make them believe that Tang Shaolin Temple has massive book, how to make their authorities Bodystockings UK believe onBut before and after half an hour of time, a bowl of medicine have been fried well, Tang Feng holding firmly, rushed to the forest if the kite to rest. Lin Ruoyuan is now in a coma state, a bowl of medicine to feed it, she only drank half, the remaining half full flow to clothes. But it is no way. Until after feeding the antidote, Tang Feng just slowly exhaled. The forest if the kite poisoning death, is also All is well that ends well, has a relationship with the intelligence failures Bodystockings UK - of the enemy. If the enemy was the drug dose and then increased three times, Tang wind even more capabilities, it is also impossible to save the forest if the kite, and Lin Ruoyuan also not to stick to the Tang wind to aid. "Lin sister all right?" Easy if morning aside asked anxiously. "After the wake is estimated that there will be a few days time did not have the strength to recover just fine, etc.." Tang Feng said, after all the poison in the feature points in soft rib loose this kind of poison, so weak is the embodiment of a normal. "What do we do now?" Imperceptibly, easy if morning have Tang wind as backbone. Days show here only a few people, not particularly powerful master, they come here just for the sake of grenade, which know fall into such dangerous situation? "Here should not stay long!" Tang Feng, "easy to master, you let the sisters quickly fire to cook, eat and then I send you back soo. Let a few people make a stretcher, the aunt carried back. On the rockery, near the wells can not be reused, and I have been poisoned, water if the water must go to other well lane." Although the use of poison to kill hundreds of the enemy, but in three Pope door hands here certainly more than this number, once they had answered a God to come, is bound to suffer violent retribution. If you stay here, only await one's doom. "Good." Easy if morning nodded. Although heart evil spirit a not easy if morning, also want to go to the three Pope door in the side of the hall opened into a scene, even lose his life also not to hesitate to, but she knew now is not the time, The coming days would be long.