• 【註】
    • the Emperor = ひろゆき
    • the Queen = 削ジェンヌ
    • tooの意味でtoを使うことがある


Let's talk with Jim-san. Part21

551 名前:anonymous[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/19(水) 11:14:55.32 ID:hdAGIIPO
Good morning Jim-san, CodeMonkey-san.

何に腹を立てたのですか? 何がそう決定させたのですか?

554 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Apparently admin ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/19(水) 12:05:46.09 ID:???
I thought about that a lot. At least it was
not a machine translation. Here
is the English.

To whom it may concern:

I have secured the 2ch servers. The previous management was not able to generate
enough income to pay the bills for the expenses of running 2ch.
Previously I allowed some autonomy to them. During that time my name has been slandered.
The ability for 2ch to generate enough income to stay open was damaged.
I hope that with proper management that 2ch can recover.

Let's talk with Jim-san. Part22

Let's talk with Jim-san. Part23

Let's talk with Jim-san. Part24

Let's talk with Code Monkey-san

4 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:06:25.22 ID:???

Thanks for making this thread. It will be easier for me now that everything can be organized into one thread.

7 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:08:34.43 ID:???
Is it possible to get BE points without paying for it?

8 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:10:18.48 ID:3X0IdpGi
The BE points can be sent.
So sometimes someone donates the point to others.
But most people buy BE.

10 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:16:03.80 ID:52vy/rNX
I do not know in details about the BE but when the stockholder system
went down, we had issues of people mass-purchasing stocks.

I do not know whether that was issue with BE, or whether it was with the
stock system.

Note: Stockholder system is purely for fun system where you can buy
stocks for different boards. You can buy random stock at 100 BE point.
If you have significant number of stocks, you can put special titles
next to your name on your posts.

17 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:27:38.45 ID:Z0qh0L+S

this site made about 6 months ago enable users to get 1000BE-points
,which “KENMO”board requires to make thread, by ONLY putting profile URL into sites’box!

some malicious users use it to make inappropriate thread in KENMO.

but i dont confirm it is available now.
sure,i never use it.

sorry for my poor English

9 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:14:07.34 ID:???
Is there any reason to buy more BE points?

I am looking at the wiki page for BE, but I dont understand it.

14 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:25:12.53 ID:3X0IdpGi [4/6]
BE points grants privileges in 2ch.
1000 points is needed to start a thread in KENMO board.
10000 points grants the random relief of "Starting too many threads error"
12000 points is needed to start a thread in News Sokuho board. It also grants to make as many thread as you want repeatedly.

20 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:32:42.69 ID:???
Thank you guys for the BE information.

Regarding NINJA, dont worry. I am still looking at it. I will let you know if I find anything.

24 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:50:35.15 ID:???
Thank you everyone.
I can see in the BBS.CGI source code that there are some games that BE users can play.
Are those games fun?

26 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:56:17.91 ID:52vy/rNX [6/17]
>>24 訳 translation

BBS.CGI のソースコードを見ると BEユーザができる遊びがいくつかあります。

32 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:27:43.25 ID:3X0IdpGi [6/6]
No one is playing those games.
Try it yourself. Its not fun at all.

27 名前:名無し編集部員[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:08:26.82 ID:b13EC1Eh [5/11]
そういうのも含めてCode Monkeyさんは調査してくれているんだろうし

If maru.txz-like Ninja record is preserved somewhere else (other than Ninja server),
it remains even if Ninpouchou system is abolished or Ninja server is formatted.
Like land mine remains even if army is abolished.

I suppose that Code Monkey san is investigating the problem of heritage of Ninpouchou used by old UNEI
also from such aspects, as I expect.

36 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:55:21.10 ID:???
You are correct.
The best I can do is prevent a leak with data from February 20, 2014 and onward.

There are more than 200 scripts related to the ninpouchou on the ninja server.
I have been checking these scripts in reverse chronological order of their last-modified date.
I am only checking the scripts that have been modified after 2012.

40 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:04:38.64 ID:52vy/rNX [9/17]
>>36 訳 translation
>>27 あなたは正しいです。
こちらにできるのは 2014/02/20 以降の漏えいの可能性に対する対策です。


35 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:51:23.62 ID:52vy/rNX [7/17]
I never used the games other than the 2ch stock system.
The documents for the hidden commands are so cryptic that I did not
want to risk blurting out raw miss-spelled commands.

For 2ch stock system, if anyone would challenge me with "who do you
think you are ?", I could turn on the command and put the word "GOD"
next to my name for those boards I had majority of stocks.

37 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:57:15.75 ID:???
2ch stock system sounds like a lot of fun.

The hidden commands for the games are probably not documented very well.
Even when I look at the source code of the games, it is not obvious as to what it does.

How much stock do you need to have in a board before you can put GOD next to your name?

39 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:01:22.10 ID:52vy/rNX [8/17]
>>29 translation
As written in thread below, we still have issues with prefecture
resolving system as well as some other scripts across 2ch servers.


Did any fundamental change occur with the 2ch infrastructure ?

>>24 In the beginning, BE was user account system that was a little
bit more difficult to associate with actual physical person.
Now that it is already heavily analyzed, it works similar to trips.

The usage depends on the user, however it is commonly used as either
an identifier like trip, or like messaging system.

>>25 If you are that scared, shouldn't you be scared of the internet
itself ? There is no such things as absolutely safe code.

38 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:57:52.26 ID:sMcyz3ib
What do you think of a Bourbon House?

41 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:10:17.57 ID:52vy/rNX [10/17]
>>37 about 300 stocks for 神, but many will race for top stock holder.

Being a stock owner can also grant following privileges if you either
own sufficient stocks, or if the board's stock was ranked within five
highest prices around midnight of every day.

  • You can show following after your name @株主 ★ (株主 = stock holder)
  • You can circumvent timecount, timeclose, さるさん (but not bourbon)

When you post using stock holder powers, your BE ID will be exposed.

52 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:40:11.68 ID:???
Regarding the prefecture resolving system:
I have already found someone to maintain the ken.2ch.net server.
He should begin fixing it today or tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I like to drink bourbon, but prefer scotch. (I also know about the tool)

Stocks sound fun but expensive. If you buy 300 stocks, will it last forever?

63 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:18:31.11 ID:52vy/rNX [14/17]
>>52 訳 translation
>>39 県名システムについてはken.2ch.netを管理できる人をみつけましたので

>>38 バーボンはすきですが、スコッチはもっとすきです(バーボンハウスについては知ってます)

>>41 株主は面白そうですが経費が大変そうですね。300株でずっと持つのですか?

54 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:46:20.68 ID:???
You're welcome. Lets keep development transparent.
Sorry I dont speak Japanese very well.
I studied chinese language when I was in school, so I can understand some Japanese Kanji.
Sometimes the meaning of words are different though.

Be.2ch.net is located outside of my data center. I cannot control it.
I will not turn BE off because too many users have invested in the system.
However, Brazil could turn it off whenever they want.

No connection.

>>54 訳 translation
>>43 どういたしまして。2ちゃんねるの開発については高い透明性を維持しましょう。

>>45 be.2ch.net は私たちの管理外にありますが いろんな人たちが使用しているので

>>47 関連性はありません。

59 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:59:11.33 ID:???
The 2ch servers need some kind of internal change to allow Rokka to work correctly again.
Jim-san made that change last time. I don't know the entire specifications of the change.
I have sent Jim-san an email to ask him to make the change again when he has some extra time.
Please wait another few days.
I have already made the old dats available for all on read.cgi.

I was looking at the dates, and 90% of the files were made or last modified in 2012.
I think only the files that were modified after 2013 were "tampered" with by the previous maintainer.
Thats why it is much higher priority to check the ones that were modified after 2012.

65 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:23:35.88 ID:52vy/rNX [15/17]
>>59 訳 translation

>>55 Rokka を再稼働させるには2ちゃんねるのサーバ内の構成を
変更する必要があります。前回は Jim さんが変更処理をしましたが
私はその詳細を知りません。 Jim さんに変更依頼を送りましたので
古い .dat については全ての板で read.cgi 経由で取得できる筈です。

>>57 日付をみるかぎり 90% のファイルは2012年以降に作成されたか

67 名前:名無し編集部員[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:30:07.66 ID:b13EC1Eh [10/11]



Thank you Code Monkey san
I will wait your report.

68 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:36:15.98 ID:???
After Jim-san fixes the 2ch server to allow Rokka access, then I will let Ronin users also access Rokka.
Anybody can see old dat for free on 2ch website. If you want to see old dat in your dedicated browser, then you must use Rokka.

78 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 00:28:51.45 ID:???
Yes there is a plan for that. It is something we will be doing within the next couple weeks.
It is low-priority for us at the moment, because we need to secure the servers first.
After the servers are secured, then I will ask jim-san to update the past servers to show dats again.
Please remind me again in a few days about this topic.

Jim-san emailed me and said that tomorrow he will begin updating the 2ch servers to access ROKKA again.
I guess it might take Jim-san a few days to finish the updates.

Rokka is a replacement for offlaw.cgi
Ronin is a replacement for MARU

80 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 00:49:26.36 ID:???
Rokka does not require its own account.
Rokka is just a system for the server to retrieve dat files and send it to dedicated browser.
Today you can login with maru to use Rokka on BBSPINK only.
Tomorrow Jim-san will begin to install Rokka on 2ch.
After Rokka is installed on 2ch, then you can login with maru to use Rokka on BBSPINK and 2ch.
After Rokka is installed on 2ch, then I will update Rokka to allow Ronin users to login also.
When everything is finished, then any Ronin or Maru user can use Rokka to get past logs on both BBSPINK and 2ch.

All existing Maru accounts have the same benefits as Ronin accounts.
In the future, there will be no more Maru sales. You will need to purchase only Ronin.

We are currently working on adding some alternative payment gateways for Ronin.

82 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 01:10:51.20 ID:???
Rokka account holders have been contacted and automatically received Ronin accounts.

Very few people bought a Rokka account.

83 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 01:12:48.50 ID:???
I will go to sleep now. I am very sleepy today.
Have a good night everybody. Talk to you tomorrow.

90 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 12:30:08.50 ID:???
I have forwarded the old tadaima.com page to ronin.bbspink.com for now.
Thanks for that suggestion.

Hahaha, that is funny. I like that song.

93 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 13:05:47.46 ID:???
Im not sure yet.
I want to get Rokka working correctly on 2ch before making any decision about offlaw2.cgi.

105 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/24(月) 14:30:45.39 ID:???
If a ninja equivalent of "maru.txz" exists, then it is not on the ninja server.

If the previous maintainer was malevolent and has made a ninja equivalent of maru.txz, then it is probably stored on their personal computer.
Im sorry, but there is not much I can do if that is the case.


Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO

Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO★2

Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO★3

295 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:23:15.64 ID:???0 (PC)
Air Rock-san promised he would look at it.

286 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:20:42.98 ID:NzAAo9wi0 [7/18] (PC)
I hate DUCK(Be:89788) really hate and WE HATE TOO.
He is fuckin' bull shit straight dick head.
Also ニュース速報 was destroyed by him.
he is a stupid fucker.
he suck to 《POWER》
he oppress 《the people》
He is not suitable to administrator.


309 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:26:21.13 ID:???0 (PC)
Duck has said a lot of bad things about me on the Operate board of the past few months.
I have read them. Actually I did not know that was him. Advice to be patient though is good.
That came from him. I have not hired anyone. I can't right now. I was just asking about his

270 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:18:01.26 ID:czIK8Wja0 [4/7] (PC)

289 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:22:01.29 ID:l1nAvJaPP [2/2] (p2)
please read >>270

346 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:34:36.24 ID:???0 (PC)

347 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:34:40.26 ID:U5F34Ha40 [1/10] (PC)
Hello, Jim-San.
Is be.2ch.net server under the control of you?
The server uses Jim-San's DNS but locates in Japanese hosting provider Sakura Internet.

353 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:36:06.98 ID:???0 (PC)
This is Hiroyuki's personal server. I have not edited out DNS on info, or ipv6, although
I am considering editing out ipv6.

358 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:36:54.77 ID:SPYYpLiJ0 [14/41] (PC) ?PLT(16208)




379 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:41:35.60 ID:???0 (PC)
You listened to rumors and gossip about me and helped spread them, even though
they were not true. I forgive you for this, but I did not know you were Duck when I
talked about getting advice from you. I read it all, just I was not posting.

368 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:39:01.94 ID:U5F34Ha40 [2/10] (PC)
Thank you, Jim-San.
And the redirect page ime.nu has many ADs.
Did you receive the profit from the sponsors?

396 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:45:53.24 ID:???0 (PC)

412 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:48:58.08 ID:sIndceFZP [7/15] (p2)
absolutely not = 絶無

correct me if i'm wrong

414 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:49:51.62 ID:???0 (PC)

425 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:53:21.75 ID:6fWt0Hj80 [5/13] (PC)
Should toru be arrested?

457 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:58:36.45 ID:???0 (PC)

448 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:56:48.63 ID:2/Iq4Lxp0 [1/16] (PC)
Hello Jim-san. Regarding ID system, I have an opinion to prevent mad guys' response.
Now some people(including me) think that it will be better to introduce "IP displaying system".
Would it be possible to introduce the system?

470 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:00:24.36 ID:???0 (PC)

545 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:10:45.15 ID:2/Iq4Lxp0 [3/16] (PC)
Sorry ,but what do you mean?
I can understand English, so please say your opinion in English.

597 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:17:35.22 ID:???0 (PC)

495 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:03:59.18 ID:tkqYG4Ii0 [1/12] (PC)
Jim san.


525 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:08:22.27 ID:???0 (PC)
On a serious note. Sorry about not using Japanese. I have been trying to use my own
Japanese tonight, with a dictionary instead of a google translation.
This server is about worn out. It needs to be upgraded, or replaced asap.

539 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:10:01.65 ID:AgC1lh280 [6/8] (PC)
hayabusa is about to collapse?

559 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:13:06.81 ID:???0 (PC)

513 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:06:43.90 ID:ahvrcEGN0 [3/6] (PC)
prohibit the affiliate is not good.

And say why.A new Visiter from the affiliate site.
KENMO is always mistake.
Please listen NanJ OR VIP.

do not ask just opinion of the human voice is large.

549 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:11:46.46 ID:???0 (PC)
I will listen there too. Please make a thread for me. It moves to fast. I probably can not
answer everything. I like KENMO. They are friendly to me, but I will listen to what you have
to say.

541 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:10:13.66 ID:uebk1u9m0 (PC)

Jim「あひるちゃん運営スタッフに入って」 ←はい、無能確定

579 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:15:03.81 ID:???0 (PC)

590 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:16:03.46 ID:???0 (PC)
541 may be correct. I am a little stupid. I never really understood the BE system.

707 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:33:56.31 ID:jIiO1+Yv0 [1/2] (PC)
Company called "Future Search Brazil" is running P2 ,find.2ch.net.
They sells 10 MORITAPO = ¥1
1 MORITAPO can be exchanged 1 BE point
Now , we must have more than 1000 BE points to make thread in KENMO ita.

816 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:56:55.85 ID:???0 (PC)
It costs 100 yen to make a new thread on KENMO?

825 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:58:56.44 ID:SPYYpLiJ0 [32/41] (PC) ?PLT(16208)
Yep, 100yen on Kenmou, 1200 on News
That is why I changed settings on news sokuhou before against HIROYUKI.

858 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:07:02.26 ID:???0 (PC)
Who makes the money from >>825 ?

This month I did not even receive a salary because our company has no money.
It makes me angry that someone is making so much money while I work 20 hours a day and make no money.

552 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:12:14.28 ID:KntA7Auw0 [3/17] (PC)

614 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:19:46.63 ID:???0 (PC)
KENMO does like this.
It is a good idea.

569 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:14:09.84 ID:xHp3GOMs0 [1/3] (PC)
hello jim san
Why can you use em??
Your PC is Japanese?

651 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:24:53.72 ID:???0 (PC)
Macbook です。

596 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:17:34.20 ID:iQYxpcW30 [2/4] (PC)

670 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:28:30.28 ID:???0 (PC)

637 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:23:32.23 ID:uu1kwmeP0 (PC)
Duck must be killed by Everyone.

709 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:34:12.00 ID:???0 (PC)
You need a hunting license.

700 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:32:50.27 ID:xIOi0zGdP [4/9] (p2)
Hey Jim
you should go to the Operation board.
Everyone gets confused.
"Let's talk with Jim-san"thread is too many in this state.

769 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:47:26.34 ID:???0 (PC)
I am getting confused too. Actually I am getting dizzy switching back and forth from different boards.

718 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:36:05.00 ID:3XqObe7m0 [5/6] (PC)
To Jim.

Please do what you should do before listening to our opinions.
I fear that you may be up to your neck.

856 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:06:54.83 ID:???0 (PC)

991 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:44:27.84 ID:???0 (PC)

Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO★4

199 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 14:50:47.07 ID:???0 (PC)
Good afternoon

191 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 14:06:43.96 ID:JK7iwvYx0 [1/7] (PC)

211 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:03:42.82 ID:???0 (PC)

402 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Apparently admin ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:00:37.64 ID:???
Most of these sites don't even link
back. The people that only read them
never get an opportunity to meet our
community. Most of them are SEO
to fill the search engines with trash.
Created by scripts, running keyword algorithms.
Am I mistaken?

212 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:04:46.16 ID:JK7iwvYx0 [3/7] (PC)

Vote result for VIP

4 名前:名無し編集部員[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 02:24:07.45 ID:W0qLbeOh [1/5]
■vote counting result■


Less total number: 1000
Enable Number of votes: 625
Favor: 608
Opposite: 17
Disabled: 375

222 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:19:17.08 ID:???0 (PC)
いまみます >>212

224 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:20:57.44 ID:gt4Dcg0F0 (PC)

232 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:24:20.57 ID:???0 (PC)

Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO★5


Let's talk with Jim-san. in KENMO★6


397 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:25:12.12 ID:ggaIFd7Z0 [2/2] (PC)

468 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:42:08.09 ID:???0 (PC)

476 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:43:26.72 ID:basWEe4l0 [2/2] (PC)
We hope samba40

513 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:52:34.30 ID:???0 (PC)

560 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 18:03:26.49 ID:MYLRD3Lc0 (PC)
no $4.99/month
please $33.3/year

601 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 18:09:06.51 ID:???0 (PC)
There will be a reduced price for a whole year. Let's see if we can make it through March

496 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:49:37.34 ID:NHXqi74/0 (PC)
NO. May be SPAM bot works 60sec. We hope 240sec.

525 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 17:55:12.73 ID:???0 (PC)
Your wish is my command.

616 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 18:11:44.17 ID:???0 (PC)
Please send 1000 yen paper to me. I will add you for 3 months of Rokka.
Put your proper email legibly in the envelope.

869 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:34:58.00 ID:???0 (PC)

869 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:34:58.00 ID:???0 (PC)

Report Maru and Ronin trolls here

1 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:46:22.23 ID:???0 (PC)
Please report any Maru and Ronin trolls here.

Link to the thread and post number of the troll.
We will remove a trolls ability to use Maru/Ronin to create new threads on boards that require BE points.

26 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:31:34.81 ID:???0 (PC)
Okay. We wont be banning any of the users who have already made threads.

From now on, for all new threads, we will use Wakizashi to stop people who are being trolls with Maru/Ronin only.

This thread is not for reporting BE users.

Only report if their name has a ● next to it, and no BE id.

Thank you.

27 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:36:15.76 ID:2eFsjIGV0 [1/3] (PC)
Thank you Code Monkey-san.
Where is the troll BE report thread ?
There are no system that punish troll BE.

29 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:39:57.00 ID:???0 (PC)
I dont know. I cant control BE.

28 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:36:18.53 ID:+EnxNz3N0 [2/2] (PC)
Code Monkey-san

Thank you for your consideration.

30 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:42:35.42 ID:???0 (PC)
Youre welcome. Goodnight!

If anyone wants to volunteer to help watch this thread and manage wakizashi bans, please email me here: cipherwraith666@gmail.com

31 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:42:37.35 ID:A6MxqlMu0 [2/2] (PC)
【緊急中世速報】世界中からJAPが嫌われてることが判明 ネトウヨ発狂の時代へ
1 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です [sage] :2014/02/25(火) 19:49:06.73 ID:cEhJOVSs0●


32 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:44:07.40 ID:???0 (PC)
Thanks, but we won't ban him.
We will only ban users that have appeared after Wakizashi became live.
That was tonight at around 23:10 o'clock japan time.

34 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:50:06.64 ID:???0 (PC)
Here is an example of a poster that used Ronin/Maru but did not use BE:

If he is a troll, then you should report him.
This is just an example though. I don't think he is a troll.

35 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:53:21.86 ID:xYVtbcDB0 (PC)
Is this ID fixed or not. If fixed, I never want to make a new thread. And I will stop paying for 浪人.

45 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:27:40.06 ID:???0 (PC)
I have removed the ID.
Thank you for your input.

51 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/27(木) 18:30:27.31 ID:juZl5tUyP [1/2] (p2)
Dear Code Monkey.
I tryed ●writings, but indicated "ERROR Confirmation writing&cookie".
It's so many times over.
So I can not ●writings.
By the way,I'm using Android(au).
Please enables you to my ●writings.

53 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/27(木) 20:30:35.70 ID:???0 (PC)
Can you write the ERROR message in japanese?
Have you tried to clear your cookies?

55 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/27(木) 23:41:41.23 ID:???0 (PC)
I am glad it is improved now.
I will check that error message tomorrow.
Tonight I am busy to setup the new maguro.2ch.net server.

55 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/27(木) 23:41:41.23 ID:???0 (PC)
I am glad it is improved now.
I will check that error message tomorrow.
Tonight I am busy to setup the new maguro.2ch.net server.

Test post; please ignore.

14 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:00:25.24 ID:???0 (PC)
Maru and Ronin users can now make new threads on any board that requires up to 10,000 BE points.

37 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:02:49.63 ID:qg6zu4RZ0 [1/2] (PC)


48 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:04:14.73 ID:L9PQkmq9P [1/13] (p2)
Maru and Ronin users can now make new threads on any board that requires up to 10,000 BE points.

BE pointが必要なの?

58 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:04:59.09 ID:???0 (PC)
BE point is not necessary if you have RONIN or MARU.

114 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:13:31.64 ID:???0 (PC)
The monthly price for Ronin is 5 dollars.
In a few days, we will introduce multi-month bundles which will be cheaper.

129 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:15:31.54 ID:jae6t8oz0 [2/4] (PC)
Would you permit us pay money for Ronin at convenient store?

144 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:17:39.38 ID:???0 (PC)
Yes, in a few days.

195 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:32:46.35 ID:zpELxTe90 [1/9] (PC)
I want to buy ronin but now i am not at japan
And I don't want to finish payment by credit card
How can I do?

200 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:33:57.23 ID:???0 (PC)
Paypal or Bitcoin.

223 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:39:56.70 ID:aeGkPw4wP [1/6] (p2)
Please unlock for the people who write from foreign countries

237 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:45:25.01 ID:???0 (PC)
Maru and Ronin users can post from foreign countries.

252 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:52:22.53 ID:zpELxTe90 [5/9] (PC)
Is it true?
but few years ago,when I at hongkong,I can't use maru to posting

260 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:56:25.22 ID:???0 (PC)
Yes its true. I updated the code a couple days ago.

238 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:46:52.61 ID:???0 (PC)
You have Ronin but it doesn't work?
Please email me: cipherwraith666@gmail.com
I will help you fix it if there is a problem.

238 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:46:52.61 ID:???0 (PC)
You have Ronin but it doesn't work?
Please email me: cipherwraith666@gmail.com
I will help you fix it if there is a problem.

239 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:46:59.41 ID:UznHTCrP0 [3/12] (PC)

242 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:47:41.19 ID:???0 (PC)
Email me:

262 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:57:14.02 ID:???0 (PC)
Yes, I will install "wakizashi" on 2ch.
We can use wakizashi to prevent troll posters from abusing Ronin or Maru.

262 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 19:57:14.02 ID:???0 (PC)
Yes, I will install "wakizashi" on 2ch.
We can use wakizashi to prevent troll posters from abusing Ronin or Maru.

274 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:02:53.45 ID:ljnOboII0 [2/12] (PC)
Thank you Code Monkey-san!

And, what is "wakizashi"?
We(2ch users) can judge trolley users through any procedure ?
Or, You or other admins judge it after our reports?

We really appreciate you!

279 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:06:56.46 ID:???0 (PC)
Wakizashi is a system that we can use to prevent troll poster from abusing some privileges of maru/ronin.
The admins will need to judge reports, then we can add a troll poster to the NG list.

285 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:09:11.24 ID:???0 (PC)
I dont know. I will not set the price for that.

324 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:38:10.57 ID:dh4Wb4CS0 [1/2] (PC)
Hi Ron-san. May I ask you something?
Who is the admins for Wakizashi? It's Jim-san or CAP?
Or something like volunteers?

330 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:40:53.87 ID:???0 (PC)
It should be something like volunteers.
After I install the wakizashi system, then I will look for a volunteer to help.

325 名前:●[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:38:39.63 ID:UznHTCrP0 [10/12] (PC)

331 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:41:16.95 ID:???0 (PC)
Good :)
Sorry about the problem earlier.

339 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 20:47:15.70 ID:???0 (PC)
For your information:
Many dedicated browsers have not enabled Ronin yet.
If you buy Ronin, then you might need to wait until the developer for your browser enables it.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

Some browsers only enable Ronin for BBSPINK.
Ronin currently does NOT work on 2ch with JaneXENO.

If you are experiencing a problem with Ronin, please email me:

357 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 21:00:12.36 ID:Y86nbcxCP [3/4] (p2)

Jane Style Part18 - ジェーンBBS
Java+Swingによる2chブラウザ V2C_R67
2ちゃんねるブラウザ「JaneView」 Part82

362 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 21:07:00.44 ID:algdYnjp0 [1/3] (PC)
The man who want to become volunteer is not always good person.
Some volunteer had become troll.
An example of bad volunteer is the Duck(Ahiru-chan).
Please be careful when you choose volunteers.

364 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 21:08:38.75 ID:???0 (PC)
Thank you, I will follow your advice.

368 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 21:18:47.42 ID:4e/+TOSN0 [1/2] (PC)


383 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:05:56.34 ID:???0 (PC)
Okay I understand the problem with troll threads.

I will install wakizashi now. Please let me have one hour.
Someone make a report thread please, and link it here.

388 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:15:04.08 ID:???0 (PC)
I am installing Wakizashi now. I will make a report thread in a few minutes if nobody else does.

389 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:15:05.45 ID:P8aiFy3BP [3/13] (p2)
make a report thread in KENMO?

393 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:18:40.20 ID:???0 (PC)
Which boards is usually used for report threads?
Trolls will be site-wide, so we will need a centralized report thread.
KENMO is not a good location for that.

396 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:21:10.03 ID:ljnOboII0 [10/12] (PC)
I think so too.
Operation board or something are better.

409 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 22:47:31.28 ID:???0 (PC)
Okay I made a thread for reporting Maru and Ronin trolls:

Can we discuss punishment of the Maru and Ronin trolls?

How about 7 days without being allowed to use Ronin/Maru to bypass BE points?

420 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:10:52.81 ID:???0 (PC)
Im still testing out a few different display methods. Bear with me.

419 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:06:44.80 ID:P8aiFy3BP [8/13] (p2)
good idea.
The system will diminish trolls and prevent them from making BAD thread(kuso-thread).

But,how about also BE-trolls?

421 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:11:37.44 ID:???0 (PC)
Isnt there also a system for BE trolls? NGBE

422 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:14:11.00 ID:???0 (PC)
This is how the new post made with Maru will look like now:

ID:PtsgK9Yy0●g5dUw3j1NbAUwT1o ?2BP(11072)

The PtsgK9Yy0 is the user ID.
The g5dUw3j1NbAUwT1o is the MARU ID.
The ?2BP(11072) is the BE ID.

428 名前:番組の途中ですがアフィサイトへの転載は禁止です[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:28:13.79 ID:sufT+Jsv0 [1/6] (PC)
多くのスレ立て人はMaru IDの公開を望まないだろう

A lot of people making threads will dislike showing maru id
because of Identity theft from maru.

436 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:37:08.43 ID:???0 (PC)
The maru ID has already been scrambled before its shown.

438 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/25(火) 23:38:19.81 ID:???0 (PC)
Today the new bbs.cgi is only installed on Engawa.
Tomorrow I will focus on improving the security of Wakizashi.

454 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:00:37.62 ID:???0 (PC)
Wakizashi is very powerful.
We should only use Wakizashi against the worst trolls and the worst spammers.

457 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:02:39.46 ID:???0 (PC)
I have disabled the "display ronin/maru ID" temporarily.
I want to spend more time tomorrow to improve the security before I display it again.

459 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:03:30.59 ID:???0 (PC)
Spam/troll users should still be reported even though the ID has been removed.

477 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:18:32.33 ID:???0 (PC)
Im going to sleep now. Im still a little bit exhausted from being sick.
Have a good night everybody!

487 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 00:32:41.12 ID:???0 (PC)
I have removed any ID regarding MARU except for ●
Sorry for the inconvenience.

513 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/26(水) 13:01:35.24 ID:???0 (PC)
Good news everybody.

You can now login with RONIN at any place that accepts MARU login.

This means you can use RONIN with Janestyle and V2C and any other browser.
You just need to go to the MARU login and type your RONIN details into it.


Let's talk with Jim-san.

6 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 19:10:05.89 ID:+460DKO80 [1/4] (PC)
Hello Jim-san.What is going on? Please tell us even a fool gay like me can understand.

7 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 19:14:17.25 ID:???0 (PC)
I needed a thread to read about and discuss ID setting changes. So many people are asking
me about it on other threads. It becomes difficult to follow the conversation.

38 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:02:02.10 ID:RJFykLlYi [2/2] (iPhone)
morningcoffee board has history over 10 years
hidden ID system is unique tradition
hello!project fans can use other board like ainotane (forced ID) and zurui (optional ID)
but morningcoffee board become most popular board
because most of them love hidden ID system

42 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:04:47.14 ID:???0 (PC)

48 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:11:58.90 ID:UfawlWMf0 [3/4] (PC)
But we often discussed whether we should introduce ID or not.
In year 2011 at least we consumed 6 thread discussing about ID.

狼にIDを導入するべき Part2
狼にIDを導入するべき Part3

I think we have been discussing whether we should introduce ID system or not for long time.
And we have demanded ID system to ex moderators for many times. But they ignored us.

49 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 20:15:01.53 ID:???0 (PC)
I will look there this next week. Please understand I want to be careful not to break something
that is not broken. There are many things to fix already.

122 名前:動け動けウゴウゴ2ちゃんねる[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:54:51.01 ID:HJmzXk4c0 [1/2] (PC)

This is a summary of >>68(つきみ@変更人 ★)

As I have some requests from the users to change the link in the thread, I want to do so ASAP
because they are waiting for my earliest response.

So, I would like to give two questions.

1. Is the script for changing the settings of 2channel invalid?
2. Would you please reply to the request of them if that is invalid.

175 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 23:07:23.60 ID:???0 (PC)
Thank you for your help. Would you wait until Monday? We are getting a little behind
because of the Ninpocho problem today.

186 名前:つきみ@変更人 ★[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 23:44:01.43 ID:???0 (PC)
>>175 Jim-san
Thank you for your reply.
I understand in that after Monday.
Because it is best to resolve from the higher priority, it does not matter later.


177 名前:xerxes.maido3.net@Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 23:11:53.14 ID:???0 (PC)
I will read all of this tonight. I have to sign off now. Good night.


Let's talk with Jim-san. in VIP

8 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:32:16.99 ID:???0 (PC)

66 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 21:54:34.63 ID:Xx4Nkbkq0 [5/9] (PC)

89 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:00:28.22 ID:???0 (PC)

90 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:00:32.16 ID:bsXzEz660 (PC)

106 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:04:24.90 ID:???0 (PC)

133 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:09:06.15 ID:XKmskfSG0 [2/15] (PC)
This is a log.

98 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:02:16.49 ID:cddy50eW0 [1/6] (PC)
Let's talk with Jim-san. in NanJ

128 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:08:18.41 ID:???0 (PC)
My brain will explode from the gravity there. That board is to fast for me.

145 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:11:47.12 ID:???0 (PC)
What is the suggested default name?

324 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:30:53.22 ID:???0 (PC)
I am pretty much ok with changing the name for you.
I am falling behind reading your thread. There are so many of you. Thank you for your kindness.

335 名前: 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(1+0:15) [sage] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:32:19.23 ID:4J+4NSQd0 [1/9] (PC)
I want you close VIP

I do not like vipper

363 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:34:05.73 ID:???0 (PC)

280 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:25:02.65 ID:eVuYovp/0 [12/26] (PC)
I make thread in なんでも実況J.
This thread is vote to new local rules "prohibit the reproduction to the Affinia blog" (転載禁止)

Please watch it.

【j反対】・・・dis agree

392 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:35:28.99 ID:???0 (PC)
The News4VIP board voted with IP address showing. I would really prefer that.

427 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:38:23.59 ID:???0 (PC)
Local rule change requires more discussion.

Now you guys need to decide what the default name will be and let me know.

551 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/22(土) 22:45:58.39 ID:???0 (PC)
Good night folks. I will read here again tomorrow.

Let's talk with Jim-san. in VIP


Let's talk with Jim-san. in VIP

141 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 14:39:56.93 ID:???0 (PC)
Good afternoon

150 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 14:44:39.82 ID:Lp0ftTw90 [1/8] (PC)
Good afternoon!!



Total res:1000

168 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 14:49:37.55 ID:???0 (PC)

What name have you guys decided on?

241 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:09:23.25 ID:???0 (PC)

264 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:12:29.71 ID:R4TjnGXK0 [1/2] (PC)
what is the current subject?

296 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:17:59.30 ID:???0 (PC)
Please excuse my English.
The current subject is to determine the default name. The words after the number of your
post. The KENMO write something like this. but to reprint Affinia site is prohibited
VIP has asked me and voted, although I have been told this vote is contested, that VIP
wants to change this line to something similar.
I am guessing you do not want to copy KENMO, so now we are discussing what will be written.

338 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:26:27.19 ID:???0 (PC)
I intend to save this site.

265 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:12:45.99 ID:RbU9k61v0 (PC)
why you became the admin of 2ch?
aren't you interested to some job else?

338 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:26:27.19 ID:???0
I intend to save this site.

482 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:49:48.07 ID:???0 (PC)

543 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 15:59:36.78 ID:???0 (PC)
Google translate

Something like this?
VIPPER is all rights reserved NO to Affinia
Is that what you are trying to say?

585 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:05:09.60 ID:nigWsTWp0 [2/4] (PC)
we love here.
we hate 2ch matome affiliater.
we hope 2ch survive
and If Jim-san wants to something our supports, we will Cooperate happily!

610 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:11:19.48 ID:???0 (PC)

606 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:10:41.94 ID:wC6fzcEw0 [4/7] (PC)
What do you think about Tengoku(heaven4vip)?
it is "KENMO" for "VIP".reprinting prohibited

693 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:24:17.26 ID:???0 (PC)
I want to go to heaven. I have never been.

643 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:15:52.59 ID:VUxN7Nnj0 [4/4] (PC)

715 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:29:46.40 ID:???0 (PC)
I won't.

708 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:27:48.34 ID:TVPRa3dp0 [7/17] (PC)
Jim-san please read >>278.
We(livejupiter) want to add local rule to "転載禁止"

Thank you Jim-san

755 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:38:23.14 ID:???0 (PC)
That is what the VIPPERS want too.

697 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:26:04.27 ID:A5FqYi0D0 [1/7] (PC)

If you have a time, please whatch this.
This is a なんでも実況J(livejupitor)'s local rule vote thread.(with IP address)
So NanJ speed too fast, that I'll tell you result in this thread.

How about add new local rule that "prohibit the reproduction ".


Total res:1000

815 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:48:27.46 ID:???0 (PC)
I am ok with changing that. Is this vote really fair and correct?
Is this vote about changing the local rules, or about changing the default name?

705 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:27:15.93 ID:YYYPnMwy0 [8/13] (PC)
We announced voting half-hour before.
And we dont’t threat , abuse and dondemn.
Affinia did these action to be invalid voting for his affiliate.
If you think this voting is unfair, please tell me the way real fair voting.

912 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 17:00:37.40 ID:???0 (PC)
I did not say unfair. I asked if it is a fair election. Users should decide their local rules.
I am not a fan of Affinia myself.

827 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 16:49:56.95 ID:Ui97KYgw0 [2/3] (PC)
how many roads must a man walk down? before you call him a man

945 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 17:05:03.29 ID:???0 (PC)
The answer is blowing in the wind - Bob Dylan.

958 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 17:07:09.28 ID:???0 (PC)
Live Jupiter, News4 VIP I am ok with change, but I want to wait until sometime next week.
We are currently working on other problems that are a higher priority. I think it is good
for you to discuss more. Name change for anonymous posts on news4vip approved.
Live Jupiter, would you please discuss it more? Local rule change is more serious, and I don't
want to cause depopulation.

Let's talk with Jim-san. in VIP★2

75 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 18:57:13.53 ID:MAoBJB3M0 [2/6] (PC)

77 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 18:58:19.23 ID:C/aM0ZmX0 (PC)

95 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 19:30:18.39 ID:???0 (PC)
Name change: 検定済み

Local rules: 論じる
Please discuss more

115 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 19:48:33.78 ID:KN1PnVbM0 [3/5] (PC)

116 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 19:49:26.44 ID:WMXaytBe0 [2/10] (PC)

134 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 19:59:40.21 ID:???0 (PC)
Sorry for the English

You won't become invisible, you will become more important.
Probably you will become a larger community. Don't worry.

113 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 19:47:19.67 ID:WMXaytBe0 [1/4] (PC)

Please decide the period of an argument.

138 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:01:48.29 ID:???0 (PC)

How long is a good?
2 weeks sounds like a fair amount of time.

144 名前: 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】(1+0:15) [] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:06:54.99 ID:K4VWBh5F0 [5/11] (PC)
Two weeks are too long for us.
Affiliate trespass on the VIP's copyright just now.

153 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:14:03.18 ID:???0 (PC)
This is not new news. Your board has been abused. I see that. 2 more weeks to discuss
won't hurt in the long run. Then everyone will understand, and be comfortable with the change.

167 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:19:50.86 ID:s60t4bW40 [1/2] (PC)
>>153 意訳


152 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:13:30.36 ID:YYYPnMwy0 [1/3] (PC)
I see.

But, that’s too long for us.

Becuse, many people in VIP would lose their interest on this issue.

So,I belive up to a maximum of three or four days.

Thanks to read Jim-san!!!

168 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:20:02.95 ID:???0 (PC)
It is always better to make a decision with a cool head.
You may lose interest in discussing it in two weeks, but
if we change the rules in two weeks, then there was time to consider it, and complain.
Nobody gets angry then.

174 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:22:06.19 ID:s60t4bW40 [2/2] (PC)
>>168 意訳

178 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:25:45.43 ID:YYYPnMwy0 [2/3] (PC)
OK. I see Jim-san.

Thank you to reply my opinion.

184 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:26:55.48 ID:???0 (PC)

161 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:16:44.78 ID:m1hOf8FN0 [2/5] (PC)
You'd better hire someone who literate japanese and is familiar with 2ch.

173 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:22:05.10 ID:???0 (PC)

182 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:26:39.06 ID:/6ZUqRma0 [2/7] (PC)

192 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:29:09.68 ID:???0 (PC)
Wow, 5 years. I didn't know that. Well that should make the decision very easy in 2 weeks.

217 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:34:47.05 ID:s60t4bW40 [5/9] (PC)
>>192 訳


185 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:27:28.87 ID:zH6Z1kan0 [1/7] (PC)
どうでもいいけど何でgrape apeなの

204 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:32:35.31 ID:???0 (PC)

193 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:29:16.24 ID:+kjapJTb0 [2/7] (PC)
"ログ速(logsoku)" is a site directly copied the contents of 2ch.
Do you tolerate the existence of "ログ速(logsoku)"?

287 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:09:47.63 ID:???0 (PC)
I delete all of their posts on Pink Channel. I dislike them.

246 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 20:45:21.52 ID:s28cLng10 [5/15] (PC)

I think that it's enough in only 1 week
If we use 1 thread per day, 1week after 7,000 res there are.
Its are too many !

295 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:17:42.26 ID:???0 (PC)
Sorry for the English
Probably the discussion will slow down, it won't use so many threads. I would change it today.
I am inclined towards the changing it. I want to give a chance to hear the other thoughts.
I am guessing most of those thoughts will be self-serving appeals. Which could be interesting
and funny.

302 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:25:31.18 ID:s60t4bW40 [8/9] (PC)
>>295 訳



311 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[sage] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:31:39.04 ID:6dPcS6vh0 [4/4] (PC)

289 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:13:18.69 ID:TleadFFE0 [6/9] (PC)
You have said that there is no need to change the default name before changing the local rules.
But, the justification of vote taken place yesterday to change the default name was
to make it the discussion of changing the local rules well-known.
It is obvious from the name of the polling below.


I would like to confirm only one thing,
did you say so knowing the vote thread title and the main purpose of the vote?

Forgive my English and thanks to read it.




298 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:19:54.54 ID:???0 (PC)
If this is the result, then great. In two weeks we will change it. Let's give the other side
some time to talk.

>>298 訳


310 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:31:02.29 ID:???0 (PC)
To change the subject. This machine is getting old, and is almost full of data.
It will probably break soon. We should start discussing the upgrade of it.

315 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:33:31.78 ID:pAGrNMrF0 (PC)
This machine?
You mean "hayabusa" server, right?

327 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:36:43.32 ID:???0 (PC)

332 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:39:44.41 ID:OfClaZ4Q0 [3/4] (PC)

357 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:50:51.61 ID:???0 (PC)
The Hayabusa mission is one of the most fantastic things humans have ever done.
Already up to hayabusa3.
We can not do hayabusa4. 4 is unlucky.

348 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:43:57.22 ID:+kjapJTb0 [5/7] (PC)
Do you tolerate "@Wiki" and "hissi."

"@Wiki" is like Wikipedia. We put our thought together in it. (http://atwiki.jp/)
"hissi" is a site that we can know what the ID said on one day. (http://hissi.org/)

And, if you could make Oficcial ones, could you make "Oficcial @Wiki" and "Official hissi?"

We are discussing about whether we allows them to copy, or not.


「hissi」は私たちがそのIDがその日いったことを知ることのできるサイトです。 (http://hissi.org/)



360 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 21:52:24.66 ID:???0 (PC)
Hissi is useful. I tolerate it.

395 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:33:55.96 ID:Onh6TeGi0 [2/4] (PC)

I also think making Officail Hiss is low

400 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:42:58.99 ID:???0 (PC)
It is an interesting idea, but yes a low priority.

401 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:43:12.31 ID:q31KSxGe0 [4/4] (PC)
we can see that vip and なんJ are biggest board.
It is need that these board use different server.
sorry,it is too obvious…

403 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 22:44:19.08 ID:???0 (PC)

422 名前:以下、名無しにかわりましてVIPがお送りします[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:17:09.81 ID:GtV1rplp0 [1/2] (PC)

439 名前:Grape Ape ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/23(日) 23:35:34.37 ID:???0 (PC)
I have a dog that wakes up with the sun and needs to walk. She is a big dog and very demanding.


■ 桃色吐息 ★ の作業が必要になった場合にageるスレ

566 名前:Code Monkey ★[] 投稿日:2014/02/20(木) 13:54:34.22 ID:???
Toru has been fired.
I have reset the F22 to the old version on those servers.
There are better ways to get "load relaxation".
I will find a way to improve load later, after I finish getting acquainted with the 2ch servers.